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Meet the QuantiPedics Team

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The following students are graduating seniors from UC Irvine's Biomedical Engineering Department.

Team Lead

Hi, there! My name is Anastasia! I am extremely excited to be finishing up my last quarter at UCI. I competed on the Cross Country and Track & Field team for the past four years. My favorite event in Track was the steeple chase!

Being a part of the QuantiPedics team has been a blast! As Team Lead I have gotten to do a little bit of everything. In the beginning, I pitched design ideas and tried to foresee possible issues with our design. During the middle phase of prototyping and manufacturing, I tracked our team progress and made sure that we were meeting our deadlines. At the end, I helped bring the website to life and did Finite Element Analysis on our final design. I am grateful to have worked with these amazing engineers!

email: ankarnaz@uci.edu

Prototyping and Manufacturing Manager

Hello! My name is Justin Perrizo. I am a fourth year Biomedical Engineer at UCI, and I am so excited to be a part of QuantiPedics. One fun fact about me is that I love desert racing, and I have been riding a motorcycle since I was four years old.

In the development of V3, I worked on the fixture design and prototyping. I designed and built the first "working" prototype, which was more like a proof of concept. I also acted as an industry contact between our team and Ossur's engineers, during our period of design verification prior to machining. I really enjoyed translating the CAD model to real world products through a variety of prototyping methods.

email: jperrizo@uci.edu

Reseach and Documentation

Hi, my name is Maria Caicedo. I am a fourth year student at UCI pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Religious Studies. I am driven to compassionately serve others, and I am excited to enter the medical device field after graduation. A fun fact about me is that I love making banana bread! I have a whiteboard filled with recipes so I can narrow down on my favorite ingredients and baking method.

As a proud member of the QuantiPedics team, my focus was device research and documentation. I contributed to deepening our knowledge on Osteoarthiritis, the current solutions (OA knee braces), and how they are tested to refine our design criteria. I also helped to design the backplate of V3 and served as lead developer of our website that documents our creation.

email: mcaicedo@uci.edu

Test Design and Data Aquisition & Analysis

Hey, my name is Christopher Elhosni. I'm a fourth year Biomedical Engineering student with an interest in automation. I enjoy baking, and my goal is to open a pizza shop someday.

For this project, I focused on mathematical modeling and design verification. This modeling informed our decision making when it came to developing prototypes and deciding production values. What I enjoyed most about this project was the team; they are all spectacular engineers.

email: celhosni@uci.edu

Test Design and Data Aquisition & Analysis

Hello, my name is Meghan Mc Dermott, and I am a fourth year biomedical engineering major at the University of California, Irvine. I am a member of both the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society and the Alpha Eta Mu Biomedical Engineering Honors Society on campus. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors and trying new recipes.

As a member of the QuanitPedics engineering team, I have spent a considerable amount of time working through the development and design process. I worked with initial design concept development, as well as manufacturing planning for the prototype and final device concepts. As the project finalizes, I am grateful for our wonderful team and the experience I gained throughout the process. I look forward to the new challenges we will face, as we move forward.

email: mcdermom@uci.edu