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The Problem

Indviduals affected by Osteoarthiritis (OA) knee pain live with stiffness, tenderness, swelling, loss of flexibility, and continuous chronic pain.

There is No Cure

Currently, the most effective solution involves midigating pain through the use of 3-point unloading braces such as the Unloader One by Ossur.

Gap in Brace Testing

Current methods of testing knee braces include patients relaying qualitative descriptions of effectiveness or cadaver testing which does not properly match biomechanical output of living tissue.

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Addressing the Need

Motivated to help thousands of individuals affected by knee OA to live pain free lives,
our team developed the Varus-Valgus-Verifier (V3) to reliably quantify the unloading capacity of Osteoarthiritis knee braces to improve the development of products that effectively reduce pain and increase mobility.

Words from the Team

Our Drive

Quantipedics strives to reduce pain and elevate the quality of life for as many individuals as we possibly can.

We headed this project in partnership with Ossur, a leading company in the ortheopedic and prosthetics industry who innovates to make "Life Without Limitations" a reality for all.

Take a closerlook

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Varus-Valgus-Verifier: V3

The "V3" can quantify the force that the knee brace exerts on the knee.

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Competition & Market Analysis

QuantiPedics is creating a new market for testing devices. As we define a new space for biomechanical testing fixtures, we aim to make old methods obsolete.

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Meet the Team

Find out more about the engineers behind the design of the V3!

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Thank you

Our success would not have been possible without the support of many devoted people and organizations.